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What are illegal car scrappers and what do they do?

As a car owner, making a decision that your junk car requires to be scrapped is probably the hardest decision to make. This is because of the fact that in car scrapping, the amount of money that you stand to earn is by far low as compared to the much you bought the car for. This is excluding all the pounds and dollars that you may have spent while maintaining the car. However, this is usually the best option that you have got left especially considering that your car is useless. There are numerous car dealers and companies that undertake the scrapping process for you. However just like any other industry, the scrapping industry also has its own pros and cons. On the brighter side you are able to earn some few bucks by scrapping your car. On the negative side, you can easily stand to lose your old jewel to illegal traders.

Illegal car scrappers
These are the dealers and companies that offer car scrapping services without the required licenses. As such, they are not registered by the relevant authorities. Therefore their existence is usually not recognized by the law and automatically the services that they offer are illegal. In most situations these dealers operate as underground car scrappers in order to avoid getting identified by law enforcers. It is important to ensure that the car scrapper of choice is registered and is in possession of the required licenses. This helps in preventing you from getting involved in numerous legal problems that emanate from the services offered by illegal scrappers.

Services offered by illegal scrappers
Illegal scrappers do not operate in an open manner. This is because of the fact that they use different tactics in order to avoid their positive identification. Most car owners who have encountered the illegal scrappers confirm that after the car is scrapped, they were left with a bigger problem than their junk car. This is because of the fact that these dealers only remove the salvageable parts from your car. The rest of the car parts and shell are left in your backyard. You therefore have to ponder on how and where to dump the junk. The best option that flashes into the minds of many car owners is disposing the cars in a junkyard. Even so you still have to cater for the expensive towing services.

Illegal scrappers do not issue the car owner with a Certificate of Destruction upon scrapping the car. This certificate is usually very important as it is used to prove that the car is no longer under your ownership. This means that if in case your car gets its way back to the road you won’t be held responsible. In instances where this certificate is not issued, you are most likely bound to be prosecuted or forced to pay hefty fines if the car is spotted on the road by the authorities. In addition to this, illegal scrappers make partial or no payment for the scrap car. This means that you stand to lose the few pounds you could have pocketed from the scrapping of your car.

It is therefore important to ensure that before you hire the services of any scrap car dealer, you should verify that the dealer is registered and has a valid license. This helps in protecting you from the problems that my crop up later.

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