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How to wash a car

Care and maintenance is paramount in your car. This is because of the fact that the value of purchasing a car is extremely high and as such you need to ensure that your car is properly taken care of. There is several maintenance practices accorded to cars. Car wash is edges out as the most vital and basic car maintenance practice to accord your car. It is professionally recommended that you should ensure that you wash your car at least once in a week. Washing a car is paramount as it prevents the car paint from being affected by dirt and other pollutants from the environment. It is important that you should be extremely careful while washing your car. You should avoid using excessive force or materials that have rough services in order not to scratch the car’s paint.

Requirements in car wash
Before embarking on cleaning your car, it is important to ensure that you are in possession of the right attire needed in car wash. The car wash cleaning gear include a car sponge, car care-wash, a bucket and a hose(Spray water).It is advisable that while washing your car, you should avoid using a dishwashing liquid. This is due to the fact that dishwashing liquids contain corrosive ingredients that cause a discoloring effect on your car’s paint. Continued use of the dishwashing liquid causes your car’s paint to fade away.

Important tips to observe while washing your car
It is important to avoid washing your car under direct sunlight. Instead you should wash your car in the shade in order to prevent water spots forming on your car’s body. Water spots form in situations where the car dries up at a faster rate due to the effect of the direct sunlight. You should use the hose pipe to spray your car’s body before washing with soap. Spraying is important in that it helps in removing dust particles that may have formed on the car’s body. Spraying is also essential in that it helps in cleaning off dirt particles on the car’s body that can scratch off paint while washing the car.

You should always wash your car in an orderly manner starting from the roof. The sides from which you decide to wash your car from does not matter provided you start with the roof. Have at least two pairs of cloth to use in washing your car. One pair should be used on the body while the other pair should be reserved for the rims and wheels. At no time should you use the same piece of cloth to wash the car’s body and the rims at the same time. This can cause stains on the car’s body and as such the quality of the paint on your car’s body can be greatly affected. While spraying the car’s tires and wheels, you should ensure that you extensively spray the rim’s interior. Most of the dirt in cars cakes up in the interior of the rim.

Drying you car
When it comes to drying your car, you should only use micro-fiber cloth that has a high water absorbing property. You should start by drying the excessive water on the car’s body in a top-bottom direction. You should always ensure that your car is completely open including the hood and boot. Use a dry piece of cloth to dry your car’s windows.

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