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Car facts 2

Not so many people in the world are aware of the progress that the car industry has taken since its introduction in early 1800.This has been one of the most vibrant industries all over the world today. Unique facts about cars and the car industry in general include:

The world’s most expensive car, Mercedes Benz CLK LM (198mph) was sold for the highest price ever in the car industry at 786,592 Euros. This was way back in 1997 when the car first hit European markets. In addition to this high price, the car was ranked as the second fastest car in 1997.

The leading high speed production car all over the world before and after 2000 is the SSC Ultimate Aero car travelling at a maximum speed of 257mph.The car is also remembered as being the highest fuel guzzler of all time between 1993 and 2000.There is no other production car in the world that has been able to match the record set by this car.

Japanese carmakers who are known to rank second in producing the fastest cars after Germany has their fastest car of all time being Nissan GT-R.The car has a record speed in Japan at 195mph.In addition to the car’s great speed, the Nissan GT-R car is also remembered for being the most stable racing car in the world.

Ever heard of gold plating on a car engine? McLaren’s F1 road car has its engine bay plated with pure gold. This s due to the fact that gold is the best known heat reflecting metal in the world. Since this is generally a racing car therefore it heats up quite fast and the excess heat is reflected using gold.

The legendary Porsche 911 was previously badged and labeled as 901 before they was a huge disagreement with Peugeot who had been a long time using “0” in numbering its models. In addition to this, the Porsche 911 GT2 is known in the history of cars as being the first model in Porsche 911 to cross the 200mph mark.

Bugatti, the fastest car as of now had the gearbox of its Veyron model constructed by not less than 50 engineers. This gearbox holds the record for being one of the most complicated transmissions in cars. The knowledge of repairing the gearbox is only known to the 50 engineers who constructed the gearbox.

The Aston Martin DB5 used in the James Bond films (Thunder ball and Gold finder) and driven by Sean Connery holds record for being the most expensive car sold at an auction in 2006.The car was sold for an amazing 1 million Euros. Among the most amazing features of the car include in built machine guns, automated oil slick ejector(s) and tyre slashers.

The London motor fair began back in 1895 November and has been on going till today. The first motor fair was organized by Sir Everlyn Ellis, a founder member of RAC.The first show had only five cars with the total people turn out being slightly under 500 people.

The longest limousine in the world is 100 feet long. The limousine also doubles as the world’s longest car and was built in Burbank, California by Jay Oberg. Among the most exclusive features of the limousine are a water-bed (King size) and a fully complete swimming pool that has a diving board.

The use of inertia turbochargers in boosting a car’s fuel efficiency and speed has turbines that have the ability of spinning at 250,000rpm.This is the highest revolution rate all over the world.

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