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If you want to purchase a new car and at the same time sell your old car, the best way to go about this is having your car valued. This is a very cheap way of acquiring a new car from the sale of your old car. With car valuation, you are able to determine the exact value of your old car. Therefore you are able to establish the amount of money that you require to add to the amount you are to earn from the sale of your old car. Car valuation makes it quite easy for you to be able to determine whether the amount a buyer is offering you for your old car is enough or whether it’s low. There are various methods used in car valuation. The main method is the internet (online) based car valuation. There are different online sites that offer professional car valuation services to all their clients despite the condition of the car.

Finding online car valuation sites
The online car valuation sites have several similarities especially in their service delivery. These sites are highly competent and are run by professional operators who are well acquitted with car valuation. In online car valuation, you only require to give the valuation site specific details about the car. Such details include the car’s model, the year of manufacture and other specifications such as the car’s CC. With such details about the car, it becomes quite easy for the car valuation to determine the exact value of your car. If you resort to use online car valuation, you require to be extra careful so that you are able to establish whether the valuation site is a genuine one or not. This is achieved by looking at the reviews left by previous clients and also the customers’ rating of the site. You should only rely on the services of a legitimate car valuation site in order to ensure you get the accurate value for your car.

Online sites to get competent car valuation services

Edmunds.com-United Kingdom
This is a genuine car dealer website that offers car valuation services as one of their main services. The website is run by professional and highly qualified car dealers who also have a lot of exposure and experience in car valuation. The site offers a car buyer’s guide showing the prices and specifications of different car brands and models. You can also learn more about efficient money saving tips to apply while maintaining your car.

This is a car valuation website based in the United Kingdom and offers expert car valuation services. This site also doubles as a car dealer website stocking several car brands and models in the market currently. This site offers high quality car valuation services to car owners in United Kingdom and all over the world.

Whatcar.com-United Kingdom
This is yet another UK based car valuation site offering free valuation services to clients all over the world. The site also offers substantial advice about the car market exploring the purchase and sales sector of the car market. The site is also a car dealer website from where you can view the different car brands and models that they stock. You can rely on the internet in order to identify other online based car valuation sites.

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