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How much damage do cars do to the environment?   arrow

Environmental degradation has been one of the negative effects of technology. Car pollution is rated as one of the ways through which the environment has been greatly degraded. Cars have been using fuel as their main means of propulsion until recently when there was the invention of electric cars. Combustion of fuel in cars involves carbon monoxide emission into the atmosphere. This gas is widely known to be a pollutant and in special cases it has been attributed to terminal deaths of both people and other living things. According to US A Environmental Watch Body car pollution constitutes more than 65% of the total environmental pollution. This is a great percentage especially based on the fact that all this pollution comes from cars alone. This percentage excludes other machines and travel engines that use fuels such as Airplanes and industrial machinery.

Effects of car pollution (exhaust gases) to the ozone layer
The ozone layer plays an entirely important role in that it shields the earth and its components from the harmful sun rays. However car pollution has in the last past few years caused a great depletion of the ozone layer. This is because of the fact that carbon monoxide produced from the exhausts of cars is known to contain Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).These carbons are known to cause great depletion to the atmosphere and the ozone layer in specific. Bromine   compounds in the exhaust emissions of cars are known to cause cancer-related illnesses upon their inhalation in the atmosphere.

Effects of vehicle fluids to the environment
Vehicles are run using several fluids such as oil, refrigerants in air conditioners, brake fluids and transmission fluids among other fluids. In most cases, these fluids are known to cause toxic effects to life in people and animals. These fluids are cause death in aquatic life especially when they find their way into the main waterways. Wrong disposal of the fluids upon their use in cars leads to water pollution. The fluids also accumulate a lot of heavy metals from the engine especially during the wear and tear of engine parts while the engine is running. In addition to this, most of the old cars especially those manufactured in 1994 use CFC compounds as coolants. When these compounds get their way to water sources, they can easily cause cancerous effects when absorbed into the body.

General effects of car pollution on the environment
Car pollution is known as a great source of most greenhouse gases and compounds. These gases such as carbon monoxide and its compounds are known to cause global warming. What’s more is that some of the air pollutants and other compounds fro car pollution can easily be deposited into the soil and in food chains. From here, the harmful compounds can easily gain access to the food chain and they are then introduced into the body systems of living things. In the body, the compounds (mainly in gases and solid deposits) greatly affect most systems such as the reproductive and respiratory systems. These compounds have greatly contributed to birth of disabled children and still births in most women. However these conditions are manly evident in the most developed countries but can also be noted in the less developed countries.

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