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Where does a scrapped car go to?

A new car usually comes with high efficiency and great engine power. However, these features fade away and after six to seven years of continued use, you can barely manage to put your car on the road. This is usually the end of the road for your car. At such a time, the best thing you can do with your junk car is dispose it off. This is usually done by donating it to charity, selling it off at a junk yard or having it scrapped by a dealer. The latter is usually the best option as under this program it is possible for you to earn the highest amount from your junk car. Scrapping usually involves dismantling your car in search for the salvageable parts in the car. In this way, you are able to put your junk car into the best use possible. There are several uses of scrapped cars in the car industry today. These uses include:

Making fine arts
After the car dealer tows away the scrapped car out of homestead, he/she may decide to use the car’s shell for painting. This is done by removing several sheets of the external shell and painting them into different aspects of art. The metallic sheets used in making the car’s shell are usually strong and rust resistant. Therefore it becomes easy for you to use the piece of sheet for different uses in art. In addition to using the external sheet for painting art, you can also have the shell recycled into other useful parts.

Repairing other cars in garages
Scrapped cars and the salvageable parts are used by car dealers in repairing other cars in their garages. This is because of the fact that your junk has some of its parts that are still functional and as such can be got back on the road. In addition to this, your car’s outer shell may be in good condition to be used in an accident car. However in instances where your junk car has been involved in an accident and is extensively damaged, there is nothing much that can be done with the shell. It can only be recycled to other parts. In general most of the scrapped cars find their way to the junkyards where they are turned into useful parts.
Benefits of scrapping your car

Car scrapping has been for a long time viewed as the best option to get rid of your junk car. True to this, there are great benefits that are associated with scrapping your car. These benefits include:

Source of money
In car scrapping, you get paid for the salvageable parts in the car. This means that from your junk car, you are able to get some few pounds despite the junk car being useless. In instances whereby you may decide to channel your scrap car to donation, you still benefit by enjoying tax cuts by the tax man.

Scrapping is environment friendly
Junk cars pose a great environmental hazard especially if not handled with the best care possible. However after scrapping your junk car is recycled in to other beneficial parts and as such you is able to maintain the environment in the best condition possible.

Car scrapping is ultimately the best way of being able to get rid of your car in an environmental friendly option.

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