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What is the most fuel efficient car?

Fuel consumption is one of the things that most car buyers usually check for before purchasing any car. This is because of the fact that fuel consumption contributes to more than 80% of the total car maintenance costs. Therefore a car that has high fuel efficiency/low fuel consumption is a very ideal investment. This is due to the reason that it becomes very economical to maintain such a car. As such while shopping for a personal car or even a family car, it is important for you to enquire more about the fuel consumption of the car. This helps you to be able to structure your budget in the best way possible such that you are able to maintain your car on the road always.

Which are the most fuel efficient cars in the world today?
A research conducted in 2010 in USA and UK indicated that electric cars rank top as the most fuel efficient cars. The initial purchase of these cars is noted to be quite high but in the long run they become very cheap to maintain and manage. The most fuel efficient car(s) in the market include:

2012 Mitsubishi I (MiEV)
This car edges out among many cars to top the list on the most fuel efficient and economical cars in the market today. The introduction of this car late last year created a stir in the electric car industry. The car has been greatly responsible for the stiff competition that exists in this industry. The car sells at an average cost of about $29,125 and has an annual fuel cost of around $540.The main advantage of purchasing this machine or any other electric car thereof is the fact that you enjoy $7,500 tax cut with every purchase of this car. This is because of the fact that these cars are environmental friendly as compared to other cars in the market today.

Chevrolet Volt
This great car ranks in second as the most fuel efficient car in the market in the present day. This is a hybrid car that has received a lot of appreciation in the market today. The car’s sale price is a little higher than that of the Mitsubishi I, retailing at about $39,145.Among the car’s most amazing features is that the car is a Multi-MPG car as it has 37 MPG for gas consumption and 37MPG as an electric car. Its great features gives more advantages over the Mitsubishi i.Even so, it still ranks second as the most fuel efficient car in the market.

Nissan Leaf
This is an all electric car introduced in the market sometimes mid last year. The car goes for around $35,200 and has a 99 MPG electric equivalent. The best thing about this car is that it is also a plug hybrid car which makes it more fuel efficient.
New inventions in the car industry have seen the introduction of EFI car engines. These cars use electronic fuel injectors as opposed to the carburetors that existed in the old car generation. These engines have been accredited with causing more than half reduction the initial fuel consumption in an old car generation. Therefore it is advisable that if you own an old generation car, you should change your carburetor engine to the EFI engines for enhanced fuel efficiency.

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