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What is the least fuel efficient car?

There has been a rapid increase in the cost of crude oil in the international markets. This increase in the price of crude oil has consequently led to the increase in the cost of gas in both local and international markets. As such, having a less fuel efficient car can be entirely very uneconomical. It thus becomes very hard to sustain and maintain such a car especially in the long run. Research has shown that the less fuel efficient cars in the market also double as the most expensive cars both in purchase and maintenance. As such these types of cars are reserved for the high class in the society. It is amazing to learn that the fuel consumption of the least fuel efficient cars in the market can purchase other cars. Some of the least fuel efficient cars in the market include:

This is one of the most classy car brands in the world market today. This car brand is mainly common among social figures such as celebrities. The Lamborghini Murcielago car in specific is one of the least fuel efficient cars not only in USA alone but also in UK. This brand is a 2002 car release by Italian automakers in order to replace the then coveted Diablo car. The latter was also a fairly high fuel consumption car but it was outdone by the Lamborghini Murcielago. The car has an average top speed of 205mph and an engine type of V-12.The average gas consumption of the car in the city is around 8mpg while in the highway the consumption is about 13mpg.

This car ranks second not only as the second most exclusive car of all times but also as the second least fuel efficient car in the world. This car model is a German auto manufacturer’s (Volkswagen) release of 2005.Its introduction in the market caused a stir especially because it was set to outdo the Lamborghini Murcielago car model. Upon its first introduction in the market, its fuel consumption levels rocketed in the market reaching the market’s highest value. However this led to a fall in the car’s demand and the manufacturers reviewed the car’s engine to lower its fuel consumption. The car sells at an average figure of 1.7 million and has a high speed of 255 mph.

This car brand has for a long time been known as the fastest car on the planet. The car comes third in the top fuel consumption cars in the market today. The car’s 612 Scarlatti model released in 2004 is known to be the top fuel guzzler in the Ferrari car brand. The car has an automatic gear transmission reaching a top speed of 198mph and a V-12 Dino engine. The car has made a legacy and history for having 9mpg in the city and around 15 mpg in the highway.

Most of the world’s fuel guzzlers have high speeds which makes them banned in most third world countries. In addition to their very high speeds, these cars also have generally high maintenance costs not including the costs for the regular checks they are subjected to. It is important that before purchasing any car, you should ensure that you are aware of the car’s fuel consumption and maintenance. You should only purchase a car which you know you can comfortably maintain on the road.

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