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Difference between recycling car and scrapping car

Your car’s life span may have come to an end either due to age or other factors such as accidents. There are cars that once they get to the end of their road, repairing them is not only hard but it is also quite expensive. In such a scenario, the best option that you got [...]

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Car scrapping for charity

If you have a junk/scrap car in your backyard and you want to get rid of it, you can decide to donate it to charity. Your car may seem useless to you but be sure that there is someone somewhere who is in need of that great donation. Donating your old scrap car is the [...]

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Biggest car scrapping companies

The scrapping industry has been rated among the fastest growing sectors in the world economy in the present day. This success has mainly been attributed to the numerous uses of scrap metal today. Scrap metal is recycled to give new and better items. Recycling scrap metal is by far cheaper and economical than having to [...]

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Is scrapping cars good for the environment?

The worst nightmare for most car owners is getting rid of their junk cars. This is because of the fact that these cars have little efficiency if any. As such, they can no longer be put into any constructive use. They are equally very expensive to put back to the road and maintain them. This [...]

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