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How to remove scratches from car body?

One sunny afternoon you look at your car’s body and all that you can see is a long scratch that stretches down your car door. May be the first thing that comes into your mind is to have the door repainted. This will surely cost you a few dollars or pounds. However you should not come to such a conclusion even before you clearly inspect the nature of the scratch on your car door. May be after a simple investigation, you will realize that the scratch is a deposit of some material that was rubbed against your car’s body. You only require your handkerchief to wipe off this type of scratch from the car. However there are situations that you may realize that actually the scratch on your car is embedded into the finish paint in the car. Most car scratches are confined to the car’s upper coat just underneath the finish.

Assessing the nature of the scratch
The first thing that you should do after identifying a scratch on your car’s body is giving it a closer look. Run your fingernail over the scratch in order to realize the extent of damage on the car’s body caused by the car paint. If after assessment of the scratch you realize that the scratch is just a slight one, you can remove it quite easily by buffing. However if it’s an extensive scratch, you will require to apply a little skills in order to be able to remove the scratch. It is important to know that scratches mainly touch on the clear coat and not on the paint itself.

Tips on how to remove extensive scratches
An extensive scratch on your car’s body requires a little bit of more skills in order to clearly remove the scratch. It also requires you to use scratch removal products that are bought from the local automotive store. You should thoroughly wash the affected area using water and soap and wait for the area to dry up. After the scratched area is dried up, you should gently apply the rubbing compound around the scratched area. Application of the scratch removal product over the scratch should be done in a circular motion until the scratch completely disappears. After the scratch disappears you should use a clean piece of cloth to completely buff the scratch. Afterwards you can apply a light layer of wax over the scratch. The wax is used to reinforce the removal product applied earlier on the scratch.

With this do it yourself tips you can be able to prevent an occurrence of having to incur costs of hiring a mechanic to remove the scratch. If need be you can apply a light paint coat above the scratch so that you are able to completely remove the scratch. The light paint coat is used so as to hide the wax applied on the car’s body. There are a variety of removal products that you can apply in order to reinforce the scratch. Most of the removal products in the market have no effect on the car’s paint. As such the removal product does not cause any effect on the paint around the paint.

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