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How to get a car repainted

Maintaining your car’s paint is an important practice in proper care and maintenance of cars. Your car’s paint is affected by a number of factors such as dirt, the effect of direct sunlight and age. The first two factors are actually controllable in that: You can limit the effect of direct sunlight on your car’s paint by always ensuring that your car is always parked under the shade. You can also limit the effect of dirt on your car paint by always ensuring that you wash your car at least once in every day. The age factor is beyond your control as you can not be able to prevent the color from fading away due to age. It is equally important that you ensure that your car’s paint is a high quality brand. This helps in ensuring that the car paint on your car will last for several seasons without fading or getting discolored. Such paint is also able to stand the effect of natural conditions for a longer time.

Repainting a car is not a common practice that can be carried out just by any one. This is due to the fact that car repainting requires special skills. High level of professionalism is also required to achieve excellent results. What’s more is that in order for you to be able to repaint your car, you may need to have few basics on the best car paint. This helps you in settling for the ultimate paint for your car. Repainting a car takes at most of 2 hours and at least 1 ½ hours. This is because of the fact that repainting should be carried out in a procedural manner in order to ensure that there is uniformity in the repainting.

Steps in repainting a car
The first step before cleaning a car is ensuring that your car is exclusively clean and free of dirt particles. Dirt on the car’s body causes the paint of the car to get stained and hence it may have an unpleasant appearance. While cleaning a car in preparation to repaint it, you should avoid using soaps and detergents. This is because soaps and detergents contain wax which contaminates car paints upon contact. Before repainting a car, it is important to ensure that you scrub off your car’s body using a sand paper. However in instances where the existing paint is peeling itself off, you may require to strip off the entire paint and start painting the car a fresh. The existing paint’s coating should not be more than 12 mm thick. You should peel off the coating and maintain it below 12 mm thick. This helps in ensuring that your car’s new paint is going to be in a perfect contact with the car’s body.

Spraying the car with the paint (Repainting)
The easiest way to repaint your car is using a primer sealer. It is highly advantageous to use a primer sealer in repainting your car especially where you have scrubbed off the existing paint by use of a sand paper. A primer sealer helps you in achieving an even layer of paint even on the scrubbed parts. It also helps you in achieving uniformity in your painting. However there are other ways that you can use to repaint your car depending on the paint brand that you want to use. It is advisable that you enquire for technical data sheets from the paint store where you bought your car paint.

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