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How much can you get from damaged cars?

There are many car owners who are usually not aware that there is a ready market for their damaged cars. As such most of them will dump their cars in their backyards as waste. This should not be the case as there exists a ready after market for damaged that is currently on a turbulent rise. It does not matter whether the damaged car is completely grounded or whether it can be got back on the road. Mechanics usually look for salvageable parts in these cars that can be re-used or recycle into use. In addition to this, if the car’s shell is not extensively damaged it is recycled into a new shell. There is always a value attached to damaged car’s spare parts and this is the main reason responsible for the prosperity of the Automobile industry.

What is the value of a damaged car?
Before the value of a damaged car is determined, the car dealer conducts a professional evaluation of the car and its spare parts. For accident damaged cars, the extent of the damage may at times be fairly high and as such it is going to fetch a low value. If the extent of the damages in the car is minimal, your damaged is bound to fetch a favorable high amount in the market. There exists a lot of competition between junk car dealers and as such you should opt for the best dealer. Such a dealer has high benefits that include free evaluation and towing services for your damaged car. By hiring the services of such a dealer, you minimize the expenses that you are to incur while disposing your junk car. In most cases, the value of damaged cars lies in between $400 and $500.This is a good amount to get rid of a burden even though it is by far low than the amount you have spent on the car since its purchase.

Important tips to consider while selling your car
The first step while selling your damaged car is ensuring that you are in possession of the legal ownership documents. In the absence of these documents, the junk dealer can help you organize on how to get the documents. Most legal junk car dealers do not make any transactions in the absence of the ownership documents. As such always ensure that you are in possession of the documents before contacting the dealers to purchase your car. Secondly, you should carry out a self assessment on the damages in your car. You should ensure that you have a rough mental copy of the damages in your car. You should identify the systems that may have failed in your car as the dealer will most likely ask you these questions. The dealers make a conclusive report on the value of the car based on the assessment of the cars.

Self assessment of the car is important as it may help you to identify some of the damages that you can be able to fix on your own before the sale. This helps in raising the amount of money that your junk car will fetch in the market. You should rely on sources such as the internet while searching for the best junk car dealer.

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