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Car scrapping laws

Deciding what to do with an old car can be a hard decision to make for most car owners. However this is the only viable option that you as the car owner have in order to get rid of your junk car. This is because of the fact that in most cases the junk cars are usually damaged and useless and as such they can’t land any buyer in the market. The worst part is that in most cases, the scrap cars are usually grounded and therefore getting it back on the road can be very expensive. It is important to conduct an extensive search using the internet and other reference centers in order to know the best dealer to transact the scrapping procedures with. There are important tips and aspects that you as the car owner should be aware of before having your car scrapped. These aspects include:

Use a legal and registered dealer
Scrapping is legal in most countries but even so it requires you to deal with a legitimate company. This helps you from getting into trouble with the law about de-registration of your car. You should have your car de-registered by an authorized car scrap dealer. You should avoid dealing with scrap car dealers who are not in possession of the required trading license from the respective authority.

Have your car scrapped in an environmental way
Car scrapping possesses a great threat and hazard to the environment. Most world governments provide that all cars that are scrapped should be recycled into other useful parts. In real essence about 85% of the car parts are made of metal and as such they can be recycled. The remaining 15% which is mainly made up of rubber and other cloth materials such as the seats should be disposed off in the best way possible. Wrong disposal of scrap car parts can get you into a very serious legal battle with the authority.

Acquire a Certificate of Destruction from the relevant authority such as DVLA
It is important that you are issued with a Certificate of Destruction once your car has been successfully scrapped. This certificate exempts you from being held liable if the scrapped car gets its way back on the road. The laws on scrapping cars provide that every car that has been scrapped should be written off and kept out of the road. The issuance of this certificate is usually a proof that you have transferred the car’s ownership to the dealer. The dealer is then held responsible for the ownership of the car.

Have the car dealer collect the scrap car
In cases where the scrap car is not taxed or does not have any insurance cover on the car, you are always breaching the provisions of the law on car scrapping. You should arrange for the collection of the car by the dealer or company that scrapped the car. Observing these simple laws on car scrapping prevents you from having to incur fines or legal battles in respect to the ownership of the scrap car.

It is also advisable that you enquire more about the laws on car scrapping in your area from legal advisors. This helps you in ensuring that you are able to act in the right provisions of the law on car scrapping.

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