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Cars are ultimately the most common means of transport for many people. Many people fancy cars and dream about acquiring cars in the near future. In fact cars rank as the top dreams in many people’s lives. However despite the great obsession about cars, very few people are usually aware of the basics behind and also exclusive facts. As such most people just fancy cars for the feeling of having a personal car to drive in and also have some social status. There is much more to cars than just what people see rolling on the road.

Important facts about cars
Electric cars have swept all over the car industry causing a great competition especially after their successful introduction in late 2005.What most people do not know is that the history of electric cars dates back to 1880s.The first electric car in the world was built in 1891 by William Morrison. However the glory of these cars was short-lived as they were displaced by Ford cars in 1908.

Scrapping junk cars is ultimately the best way to dispose off your junk car as of now. This is one of the upcoming trends in the car industry. However this trend is not as new as most people take it to be. This is because of the fact that car scrapping existed long time ago but it was then referred to as recycling. The practice of recycling cars was done away with after the world’s main car manufacturers; Toyota started using reusable materials in making the cars.

USA ranks top in the list on countries that have the most number of cars in the world. The ratio of cars to people stands at 765 cars in every 1000 people. Luxembourg ranks second with a ration of 686 cars in every 1000 people. Malaysia follows closely with 641 cars in every 1000 people.

Most car manufacturers in the world today are resulting to using carbon fiber as opposed to steel in the manufacture of car frames. Very few people apart from the manufacturers are aware of the fact that carbon fibers are equally strong just like steel and also are 60 times light as compared to steel.

The earliest plastic bodied car was manufactured by Ford manufacturers and it was referred to as soybean car. However until now, it has never been established the plastic materials used by the legendary Henry Ford in manufacturing the car. However according to sources in the manufacturer’s camp, the design of the plastic car was mainly soybean fibers.

One of the wheels used by trucks used in purposeful built mining has a height of about 3.7 meters. These wheels are also the most expensive wheels all over the world. The replacement of any of these wheels goes for a minimum of about $6,000.The main reason behind their design is due to the fact that these trucks carry very heavy loads.

Car manufacturers and other players in the car industry have embarked on a research to manufacture car fuel using waste materials. These materials include saw dust, used baby diapers, waste chocolate bars, coffee grounds and cow dung. In addition to this, they also intend to recycle plastics and come up with a standard gasoline to be used in running cars.

The longest servicing and oldest car model that is still in the market now is the Toyota Corolla Compact. The first introduction of this model in the market was in 1966 and since then it has undergone at least 10 redesigns in only 4.5 decades. The car model has sold over 32 million cars in its manufacturing plants found in 16 countries all over the world.

The world’s fastest car, Thrust SSC has an unbroken speed record of 763 mph.This translates to about 1,228 kmph. The car is also known as being the first ground car to be able to break the sound barrier. Plans are still underway to improve this first car and come up with another one that is set to break the first record with a speed of 1000mph.

The world racing record was broken in 1911 May 30 by Ray Harroun using his Marmon Wasp car. He drove alone through out the race unlike his competitors who had co-drivers with them. His car was unique in that it had been built in a streamlined design with only the driver’s sitting capacity in the cabin.

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