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There are a number of reasons as to why you may want to sell your car. The main reason for selling a car is usually after it gets old and its price is greatly depreciating in the market. You can also sell your car so as to buy a better and more efficient car. You can also decide to sell off your car in instances where you need to get some urgent cash. The best thing about selling a car is that there will always be a ready market to sell your car to. This is entirely true if your car is maintained in a very good condition that will make it easy for you to land a buyer easily. There are several ways of selling off your car. The first step in selling your car will be advertising the car’s sale in order to attract prospective buyers. In the advert, you should include among other things, the car’s model and year of manufacture among other specifications. You may decide to include your car’s quotation or not.

Options of selling your car for cash
There are different options through which you can opt to sell your car in. These options include:

Selling the car to an individual/private party
This is the first option that car owners opt for. This is because of the fact that the option is fairly cheap as compared to other options. However this option might prove to be quite tedious and frustrating in most instances. This is because of the fact that you can find several prospective car buyers who carry out an evaluation of your car but after that you will never here from them again. This is usually time wasting and in the long run you may stand to lose a lot due to wastage of productive hours. Even after landing a prospective buyer, you can embark on a long tedious journey of getting payment for your car. However with the right buyer; this method is usually the cheapest and less time consuming.

Selling your car to a car company
Companies that deal with buying and selling cars are one of the best car sale options to use. These companies buy every car model at different prices depending on the car’s specifications. The best part of selling your car to car company is that in most cases the companies pay for the car in cash. In addition to this, the company of choice takes care of all the necessary transfer transactions. This saves you the money that you would have spent while catering for the transfer. What’s more is that car companies also buy cars that are under loans and lease. All you require is to have legal proof of ownership.

Selling your car to car dealers
This option ranks second as the most sought after car sale option. Most of the car dealers usually work on a trade-in purchase option. This is whereby you take your car to the dealers for valuation. After valuation, they require you to choose a car to buy from the cars that they stock. This method is only beneficial for people who want to sell their cars for cash and then buy other cars. If you are such a car owner, you should opt for this option. This is because of the fact that in this option, you stand to benefit by enjoying huge discounts extended by the car dealers.
You should however choose the sale option you see as the most viable and economically friendly for you.