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Getting a car can be an entirely difficult thing to achieve. This is because of the fact that the cost of purchasing a car has greatly risen in the recent past. As such it is very important that after acquiring a car, you should accord it the best care and maintenance you can. Proper care and maintenance of cars is very important in that it reduces the chances of your car developing frequent mechanical problems. It also helps in maintaining your car at the best working condition such that it becomes easy to sell it if need arises.

Condition of the car
The general condition of your car is affected by both external and internal factors. External factors are mainly environmental conditions such as rain and sunlight. You should ensure that you have a roofed garage to be parking your car always. The car should not be exposed to sunlight or rain as these factors affect the quality of car paint. Internal factors that affect the condition of your car mainly include the care and maintenance that you accord the interior make up of the car. This includes the seats, carpeting and the car boot. It is essential to ensure that you always maintain your car in very clean conditions. It is recommended that you wash your car at least once in every day. More so you should have your car’s seats covered with seat covers always. This helps in reducing the wear and tear of your car’s seat and also its interior design.

Wear and tear
Most of the parts in the car are usually in constant motion. From the engine to the wheels, the car is always running. This motion of the car parts leads to wear and tear due to friction between the moving parts. It is therefore important to ensure that these parts are lubricated at all times. This helps in reducing the effect of friction on the moving parts. Hence the parts are bound to be of service for a longer time. Lubrication in the engine is usually done by using the recommended engine oil. Engine oil should be regularly changed especially after the car reaches the recommended mileage. Lubrication in the moving parts such as the wheels is usually achieved by greasing and oiling. It is advisable to hire the services of a professional mechanic to accord your car the lubrication services. This is because lubricating parts such as the engine and the wheels requires high level of technical knowhow which you may be lacking.

General car maintenance and care
You should always ensure that your car is maintained at very high conditions. Proper maintenance is known to counter the aging factor in cars. Proper maintenance is also very important in car valuation especially when applying for a loan using the car’s title. Minor maintenance practices such as on the car battery should also be enhanced at all times. You should always clean your battery’s terminals and apply hydraulic fluid on the terminals. This helps in reducing the corrosion of the terminals by acid. Leaking car batteries should be replaced immediately so as to avoid acid spillage on other car parts or on the car body. This is because of the fact that battery acid is corrosive and as such can easily affect the car’s paint or any part it gets into contact with.

In conclusion, it is possible to avoid having to pay high and recurrent repair costs on your car. This can only be achieved by according your car high quality and regular car maintenance.

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