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Are electrical cars a viable alternative to fuel cars?

The car industry has been one of the most vibrant sectors in the world. This has been due to the fact that car manufacturers have over the years engaged in a stiff competition amongst themselves. The consequences of this competition have been felt far and wide. The competition has seen the emergence of electric cars that have been used as an alternative to fuel run cars. The electric cars are slowly gaining popularity over time and especially in most of the developed nations. However despite the growth, most car owners still opt to buy cars run by natural gas as opposed to those run by electric power. This situation has further been worsened by the great fall in the price of natural gas. In order to curb this great demand, manufacturers have opted to conducting extensive advertising of the electric cars in the world’s major markets.

Car manufacturers such as Honda have   confirmed that their massive advertisement of the electric cars is paying off well. This is due to the fact that car owners all over the world have been familiarized on the advantages of electric cars over the fuel run ones. These advantages mainly lower the maintenance costs of cars such as fuel consumption. It is possible to modify your current fuel consuming car and transform it into an economical car. This is done by retrofitting the engine of your current car to that of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) vehicles. In this way ,you are able to cut on the excessive fuel consumption  by your car.CNG is less toxic as compared to petrol and diesel used to run cars.

Advantages of electric cars over the fuel run cars
Electric cars are environmental friendly as compared to fuel run cars. This is due to the fact that in electric cars, there is no exhaust emission of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide like there is in fuel run cars. The effects of carbon monoxide from car exhausts have been greatly felt all over the world as it causes the depletion of the ozone layer. In addition to this, the gas also leads to the formation of acids rains witnessed in most developed nations. This rain leads to corrosion of roofs and also rusting in cars. What’s more is that carbon monoxide is a carcinogenic gas that leads to cancer in human beings upon being inhaled.

Electric cars have low maintenance costs as compared to fuel run cars.The engines in the latter are more prone to breakdown especially due to the effect of the fuel on the metals. Electric cars run on electricity which only requires recharging after a substantial long time. More so, the cost of recharging an electric car can not be compared to refueling a car. In electric cars that use fossil fuels to run, it is possible to cut down on their consumption by halving the car’s engine output. In petrol and diesel run cars, changing the engine’s output affects the car’s efficiency.

Electric cars have for a longtime been known as environment friendly cars. This is because of the fact that these cars emit o% of exhaust gases while fuel run cars emit 28% exhaust gases on average. These gases constitute more than half the total air pollution. In conclusion, go green by opting for an electric car over a fuel run car.

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